Our Story

We are a group of lighting enthusiasts who are so crazy about lighting that in 2013, decided to open up our first lighting workshop in East Village, New York.

Our store specializes in custom-made lighting, lighting solutions consultation and lamp repairing. We also have a wide selection of light bulbs, lamp parts and fixtures. Our clients include designers, architects, contractors and etc. Anyone who has questions about lighting or has any fun lighting ideas should come visit our store and we would give you the best solution!

Our team has three members. Jessie is our store manager. She has been in the lighting business for almost an decade. She's very knowledgable and happy to answer all your questions about lighting!

Our on site technician, Emilio, is an experienced lamp doctor. Bring in all your broken lamps and he will light up their life again!

Anthony works mainly during weekends. He designs most of our custom-made fixtures. Come check out his latest work in our store!

We hope that our store and website would gather everyone who share the same passion with us about lighting.