Round Cloth Covered Wire - 18 Gauge

$ 2.00

Product Description:

Our 2 Conductor, 18-Gauge Round Cloth Covered Wire is sold by the foot so you can order as much as you need for your project. This flexible wire is intended for use in lamps, pendant lights and other household appliances. Our conductor wire is a UL recognized component except the braided rayon cloth covering is for aesthetic purpose only.

Maximums: 300 Volts, 105 Degrees Centigrade
*Please consider the electrical requirements of your application. If you have any concern, call a qualified electrician
Pulley Cord:
Pulley cord is a perfectly round three-conductor cloth-covered cord.

Our pulley cord is constructed using three copper wires, each stranded and covered in PVC insulation. They are twisted together, padded, and braided with either a cotton or rayon herringbone weave. Pulley cord can be used for table-top, floor, or pendant lighting as well as small appliances.

Please note that any of our three-conductor wires can be used as a two-conductor wire by clipping the third wire and leaving it unused.
style. This wire is a round cord, with SVT-2 wire, which is two conductors with a PVC jacket, covered in burnt orange cotton braid.

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